Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Time On This MineCraft Account...

Well, I've Been Playin' On This MineCraft Account For Quite Some Time.. And I Just Can't Find a Cave System By my Base. I've spent Well over 3 Hours Digging Trying to Find one. Even fell out of the map once I hit the Bottom.. So, I am going To Start All Over... Haha. Here Is a Picture Of What My Base Looks Like.. Its pretty cool. But the Picture Isn't the Greatest.. 

So, There That Is. I've made Two Bases with a Similar Look. 
I think Its Time To make a Different looking Base. 

So I will Start a New Adventure Of the Rox House.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

'Yall Ready?

Well, This was a thing me and my friends made an agreement we all have to get shortish hair before school starts.
So, I will upload on this my Before and After. Haha.

Here is a photo from a few weeks ago.

And here is my With Short Hair /MoHawk type thing!
(Taken With My Cell Phone, Since I'm In a Hurry. Will Update Soon.)

HA! I look like a FGT!


Recently, I've been on this game Called MineCraft.
Its Amazing.
I bought the game. The Alpha version is out.
<<$13.00 Us. 10 Euros.

So, here is a picture of my base so far. I know its trash as of now, But it will be super awesome. Trust me.

Not the Greatest Shots of it. But it is still bad.
There Will  Be An Update on it In a Few Days.


I might start a YouTube Video Commentary by me. Not to Sure yet. We will see.

This one, Is for....

This is my first ever blog...

So, I'm sure it will be trash, But I will work on it...

My Name is Nate. I am a heavy Gamer. 

My life is Games. My life is trash.

Now, Many blogs will be made, So enjoy.